BostonDynamics Robot Dog



Via: BostonDynamics

What’s the story behind the GIF of a nightmarish robot dog opening a door?

A man’s best friend, or fiend?

The robot dog we first saw stacking plates in a dishwasher has now graduated from its servitude to opening doors for itself and another robotic mate – excitingly, they’re probably now planning how this new skill fits into the destruction of the human race. See into our cold, metallic, dead future by watching the above gif again and again.

The Boston Dynamics SpotMini can be seen opening the door with an extendable hydraulic arm and clamp in the short video. Past video clips show their other creations, like the BigDog made for the U.S military, performing simple tasks. A marked difference here is the almost-intelligent way the SpotMini deciphers the door’s location, zones in on the handle and, quite…

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